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    # Title Hits Rating
    1 A helicopter was flying around above Seattle...
    - A helicopter was flying around above Seattle yesterday when an electricalmalfunction disabled all of...Read the whole joke
    1290 4.09375
    2 A list of redneck computer terms
    - |Backup - What you do when you sight a skunk in the woods.Bar code - Them's the fight'n rules down d...Read the whole joke
    1534 3
    3 A husband with a computer addiction
    - |My Dear Husband,I am sending you this letter via this BBS communications thing, so that you will be...Read the whole joke
    1528 3
    4 Are computers males or females? TOP 5 REASONS WHY COMPUTERS MUST BE MALE
    - Are computers males or females? You decide. TOP 5 REASONS WHY COMPUTERS MUST BE MALE: 5. They're...Read the whole joke
    2882 2.875
    5 A letter to the editors
    - |LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (The Times of London)Dear Sir,I am firmly opposed to the spread of microchips...Read the whole joke
    1539 2
    6 Computer Crashed
    - My computer crashed and died today And I thought, "oh well what the hey" Now I'd have time to clean ...Read the whole joke
    1288 1
    7 Software Engineering Glossary of Product Terminology
    - Glossary Terms-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Software Engineering Glossary of Product TerminologyNEW: Different ...Read the whole joke
    1996 0
    8 A talking Frog
    - A man was crossing a road one day when a frog called out to him and said, "If you kiss me, I'll turn...Read the whole joke
    1720 0
    - ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEETS WINDOWS95 Costello: Hey, Abbott! Abbot: Yes, Lou? Costello: I just g...Read the whole joke
    1562 0
    10 Software Development Process
    - Software Development Process1) Order the T-shirts for the Development team2) Announce availability3)...Read the whole joke
    1552 0
    11 Architect programmer
    - |If architects had to work like programmers . . .Dear Mr. Architect,Please design and build me a hou...Read the whole joke
    1320 0
    12 AOL addiction poem
    - |My computer broke down. It crashed and burned! And for my AOL, I really yearned! I tried to stay bu...Read the whole joke
    1236 0
    13 Alice is in UNIX land
    - |"Can you help me? asked Alice."No," said Negative. "I'm looking for a white consultant." Alice poin...Read the whole joke
    1223 0
    14 Addicted To Computers
    - Ten ways to know that you're addicted to your computer:- 10) When you begin to laugh you yell, LOL. ...Read the whole joke
    1209 0
    15 Abbott calling Costello
    - |Costello calls Abbott with some questions about UNIX.Costello: What is the command that will tell m...Read the whole joke
    1189 0
    16 Latest software technology
    - Just wanted to check out that you gnarly dudes are using the latest andgreatest software technology ...Read the whole joke
    1134 0
    17 Actual calls to technical support
    - |Computer novices may feel like they're alone these days, but some of the following calls to IBM's h...Read the whole joke
    1109 0
    18 A Synopsis of the Microsoft Car
    - A Synopsis of the Microsoft Car At a recent computer expo (Comdex), Bill Gates reportedly compared...Read the whole joke
    1056 0
    19 Subject: Gullibility Virus alert
    - TOP10.Subject: Gullibility Virus alert (fwd) *****************************************************...Read the whole joke
    1051 0
    20 Airplanes running operating systems
    - |Here are some basic descriptions of what may happen if airplanes had different operating systems ru...Read the whole joke
    1044 0
    21 A hopeful suitor dropped into a computer-dating center...
    - A hopeful suitor dropped into a computer-dating center andregistered his qualifications. He wanted s...Read the whole joke
    882 0
    22 Virus Alert
    - Virus AlertThere is a very dangerous virus going around and it is propogated throughthe email system...Read the whole joke
    873 0
    23 A mother was teaching her three year old daughter...
    - A mother was teaching her three year old daughter The Lord's Prayer. For several evenings at bedtime...Read the whole joke
    816 0
    24 Acronyms
    - PCMCIA People Can't Memorize Computer Industry AcronymsISDN It Still Does NothingAPPLE ...Read the whole joke
    786 0
    25 Abraham wants to upgrade his PC to Windows 95...
    - Abraham wants to upgrade his PC to Windows 95.Isaac is incredulous. 'Pop,' he says, 'you can't run W...Read the whole joke
    776 0
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